60A 3S Контролер с вентилатор за ЧЕТКОВ мотор водозащитен


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60A 3S Waterproof Brushed ESC with Fan 5V 3A BEC
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60A 3S Контролер с вентилатор за ЧЕТКОВ мотор водозащитен


100% brand new and high quality One-piece design (built electrolytic capacitors), fully waterproof and dustproof, adapt to climate and environment. Bidirectional operation mode, you can move forward and backward, for a variety of models. High-quality materials, with a strong resistance to current capacity. Powerful BEC output capability, over other competing products. Autothrottle stroke calibrated, easy to use, especially for the novice.

DIP switch settings using ESC parameter, plain and simple.

With a lithium-voltage protection, over temperature protection, throttle signal loss protection and multiple protection features. T-type plug, Has a fan


Forward sustained current: 60A, peak current: 320A

Reverse sustained current: 45A, peak current: 200A

Supply voltage range: 2 to 3 cell Li-Po or section 5-9 NiMH battery

BEC output: 3A / 5V

Suggested Motor Type : 450, 550

Size: 42mm*28mm*25mm

Net Weight: 44g

Package includes: 1 x Brushed ESC 320A 3S


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